A first hand dilemma using social media in 2020.

“Trippy and hurts my eyes” -> SM

Time to get my sanity back — Delete.

This is hard — Download.

Health app says I spend 2 hours on IG a DAY!!? — Delete.

Must show support for #blacklivesmattersDownload.

SHITT Social DilemmaDelete.

Pause — Two months social media detox. Life changes. Discover purpose — Never going to download again.

JK, must spread message to world — Download.

No likes, no traction, this is a waste of my time — Delete. Download.

Need to rebuild Tapas (discipline) like RBG did — Delete.

Lonely. Download — Still Lonely. Delete.

Election. Download — Trump sues 3 states. Delete.

Need to do an IG takeover — Download.

Pause — Am I the only one exhausted with this shit?


Download. Follow me on IG @md882 ;)

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