When I was in the midst of my teacher training program in 2019, I remember attending Christie Pitko’s class with my boyfriend. She asked Kiran “What is your experience with yoga?” To this I jumped in and responded on his behalf “OOOhh he’s better at yoga than me, he can do anything”. She looked at me, and did the best thing a yoga teacher could do by challenging me saying, “What does being better at yoga mean?”. …

Practice Pratyahara

Few months ago, in a pursuit to get deeper in my meditation practice, I decided to do a social media (SM) detox. I was amazed at the results, my meditation became clearer and I was able to look inwards & evaluate where I wanted to go with my life.

Pratyahara, withdrawal of the senses, is a practice of yoga defined in the Eightfold path for exactly this reason. In order to look inwards & still the mind, we must limit the amount of external stimuli we are exposed to. I think the yogis who laid this out as a practice…

Pranayama is the 4th stage of yoga as defined in the Eightfold Path in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. While we do not know exactly when the practice originated, scholars have dated it back as far as 2,000 years ago. With pranayama techniques we aim to consciously regulate breath through a variety of techniques. Mastery of the breath helps to still the mind and prepare for deeper meditation and later stages of the Eightfold Path.

What does it mean?

‘Prana’ means the breath of life, and ‘Ayama’ means the restrain or expand. Together pranayama gives up restraint and expansion of the breath or life…

As a little girl, I would visit my grandmother in Chandigarh where she would tell me all about the benefits of a daily pranayama (breathing) practice. Even as a kid, I questioned everything so when my grandma told me “This practice will help you live longer” my mind drew a big question-mark. 20 years later, I find myself digging into the science behind what my grandma said and being humbled.

While modern medicine is still catching up to alternative medicine, we have seen some significant clinical studies showing the effects & benefits of a daily pranayama practice. …

This recipe, inspired by my dads comforting morning breakfast, is my favorite morning go-to. It has a very grounding effect to help you start your day feeling balanced and stable.

Ayurveda, yogas sister science, comes from the sanskirt words “ayus — life” and “veda—knowledge” translating to the knowledge of life. The belief is that each mind & body is unique and by understanding our makeup we can cater a lifestyle that balances us. We categorize energies found throughout in the mind & body as doshas, and varying proportion of these doshas constitute the blueprint of the mind & body. …

A first hand dilemma using social media in 2020.

“Trippy and hurts my eyes” -> SM

Time to get my sanity back — Delete.

This is hard — Download.

Health app says I spend 2 hours on IG a DAY!!? — Delete.

Must show support for #blacklivesmattersDownload.

SHITT Social DilemmaDelete.

Pause — Two months social media detox. Life changes. Discover purpose — Never going to download again.

JK, must spread message to world — Download.

No likes, no traction, this is a waste of my time — Delete. Download.

Need to rebuild Tapas (discipline) like RBG did — Delete.

Lonely. Download — Still…

The master of acclimation

Does fear run though me from my ancestors who could not acclimate when pitted against their brothers?

Or is it in my own DNA — scarred from my grandmother who fled from Pakistan to Punjab— watching her own kind splitting in two?

Is my physical body silent from hunger of my four million Bengali brothers — with voices beneath me still screaming in agony for rice?

Can I not speak because my mother tongue was stolen leaving me with these words I bring forth devoid of meaning?

Was it when I saw my men shot for looking like terrorists that…

Depiction of the Eight Limbs of Yoga with limbs as branches — The last three stages, the quest to the soul, include Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

This article expands on the last three stages the Eightfold path of yoga as discussed in Let’s Get Back To Yoga. Samyama is the combined practice of dharana, dhyana & samadhi, the last three stages. These stages guide us to the soul and a true state of bliss. The previous stages, the outward and inner quests, prepare us for deeper meditation.

6. Dharana — concentration

This stage comes after stilling the body & mind and removing distractions. Here, we strive to concentrate fully on a single point with complete engrossment and mindfulness. …

Depiction of the Eight Limbs of Yoga with limbs as branches — The inward path includes Pranayama & Pratyahara, the forth and fifth branch.

This article follows in inward stages of the eightfold path and expands on the forth and fifth stages as discussed in Let’s Get Back To Yoga. Pranayama & Pratyahara are inward quests to help master and still the the mind. By quieting the mind we prepare ourselves for the last three that take us deep within, The Eightfold Path — Quest to the Soul.

4. Pranayama — breath regulation

‘Prana’ means life or breath, and ‘Ayama’ means length, expansion or restraint. Together you get breath control, or ‘Pranayama’. Iyengar speaks on some of the benefits of Pranayama,

“The yogi’s life is not measured by the…

My depiction of the Eight Limbs of Yoga with limbs as branches — The outward path includes the Yama, Niyama & Asana.

This article expands on the first three limbs of the Eightfold path of yoga as discussed in Let’s Get Back To Yoga. Yama, Niyama & Asana are outward quests that help one live in harmony and master the body. These stages prepare us to quiet the mind for Pranayama and Pratyahara, as discussed in The Eightfold Path — The Inward Path.

1. The Yamas — universal moral vows

The first and second stages, Yamas and Niyamas, provide us with a list of values on how to live a purposeful life in a way that facilitates harmony amongst one another. …

Meera Dhawan

Yoga instructor whose purpose is to spread the true meaning of Yoga & Ayurveda as discovered by Indian ancestors.

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